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How to cut artificial grass easier?

How to cut artificial grass easier?

Aug 30,2022
While cutting regular grass is usually simple, cutting artificial grass requires a bit more knowledge. In fact, learning how to cut artificial grass can be pretty tricky. However, cut right, artificial grass not only requires less maintenance than regular lawns, but it looks great.

Below we detail some of the key tips for setting up (and cutting) artificial grass:
1. How to Cut Artificial Grass: Plan First
cutting artificial turf

Just like with a haircut, you can always cut more, but you can put it back. That's why it's so important to do due diligence when planning cuts.

Draw where the artificial grass will be placed. Be sure to pay attention to whether it has to curve around any landscape features like trees or gardens.

This is also a good time to study the length of each piece of artificial turf. After all, long, complete sections mean less work. Speaking of parts, make a note of where the connections are made. This will be an important message when you really let go of everything.
2. Laying Artificial Grass
Now that you've determined how and where your artificial turf will be laid out, it's time to lay it out correctly. This will give you a better idea of ​​how everything fits together. Note that this is not the point where you need to make any actual cuts, just a rough list of how everything fits together.

However, at this stage, the ground should be properly prepared for the installation of artificial turf. This includes digging the existing soil to the appropriate depth and laying the subsoil. With the help of a professional artificial turf installer, both steps can be done efficiently.
3. Use the Right Tools or Seek Professional Help
Artificial grass cannot be cut with ordinary scissors. You can cut it with a regular utility knife, but it's best to use a tool like a bull hook blade to get the job done. An eighth-inch clearance is ideal when cutting around landscape components.

Overall, this is usually best left to the professionals. They know how to guide their blades and work around objects while still laying sod, leaving only a small gap in the object. This is a particularly tricky problem if you want to do this yourself, because artificial turf can build up over time, and with too small a gap, you'll be exposing too much ground.

While you can do all the work of cutting artificial turf, the time and effort required to do so (and the tools) can often make it challenging. That's why it's best to have a professional installer set it up so it looks good and lasts for many years.
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