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Product Certificates
  • Fire Test Report
    Artificial Turf CE certificate QINGDAO UDINE RUBBER PLASTIC CO. LTDNO. 51 TAIPING ROAD, SHINAN DISTRICT, QINGDAO, SHANDONG, CHINATHE TEST REPORT IS TO SUPERSEDE THE TEST REPORT No. :  AJFS2106005377FF-01, DATE: JUL.09,2021.Sample Description:  ARTIFICIAL GRASSColor. :  GREENStyle/ ltem No. :on:  (1) PILE HEIGHT: 13MM, 20MM, 25MM, 7MM-60MM  Addition Information:  (1)F(2) LENGTH X WIDTH:  1. 2MX10M/ 12M15M/ 20M, /15M20M  4MX10M/12M/15M/20MThe above sample( s) was/ were submited and identified on behalf of the client. SGS is not responsible  for the authenticity integrity and results of the data and information and/ or the validity of the conclusion  arising therefrom. Results apply to the sample as receivedTest Requested:AS ISO 9239-1:  2003 Reaction to fire tests for floorings Part 1: Determination of the burning behaviour  using a radiant heat source.Test Results:  - -See attached sheetTest PeriodSample Receiving DateJUN24.2021Test Performing DateJUN24.2021TO JUL 07,2021
    Aug 29,2022
  • CE Certificate
    CE Certificate CERTIFICATE NO.: ISETC. 000220210310TECHNICAL REFERENCE:  RBT2103 10104SR-1CAUTION ABOUT CE MARKING: The label of the CE Marking on the left side should be not less than height. CE Marking and  EC Declaration of Conformity are duties for the manufacturer or its applicant who puts the product  ∈ on the market. This one is responsible to start the CE marking and certification procedure as required  by the legislation in force Only for the products which are compulsorily iacluded into specific Directives or Regulations  will be necessary to appoint a Notified Body.TYPE OF PRODUCT:  Artificial GrassREMARK:  Certificate is issued on voluntary application from the Client and it gives to the applicant the right to  use and affix the ISET Mark on their products, even if it doesn't imply any assessment on the safety and compliance  of the product. ISET declares that the only scope of the assessment is to verify the existence of the declaration issued  by the manufacturer or an applicant under its own responsibilitiesDATE OF ISSUE:  10/03/2021EXPIRY DATE:  09/03/2026
    Aug 29,2022