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Qingdao Udine Rubber Plastic Company will attend the KOREA BUILD 2024

Qingdao Udine Rubber Plastic Company will attend the KOREA BUILD 2024

Jul 11,2024
Title: Qingdao Udine Rubber and Plastic Company will attend the KOREA BUILD 2024

Title: Qingdao Udine Rubber Plastic Company will attend the KOREA BUILD 2024 .

Text: From July 31 to August 3, 2024, at the Exhibition in Korea, the highly anticipated 2024 Korea Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the "Exhibition") will be held on July 31 to August 3, 2024 --Grand opening in Korea on the 31th. As one of the companies in this field, Qingdao Udine is fully prepared and will gather with industry experts, partners and colleagues from all over the world at this exhibition to showcase its latest products and technologies.
Exhibition overview: The exhibition covers sports, leisure and other fields, aiming to provide a comprehensive communication platform for the research, development, production and market of the global sports and leisure industry.
Qingdao Udine has carefully prepared: This time it will bring its rubber mats, lawns and other products and the latest technology to the exhibition. Our booth design is unique and original, not only demonstrating its strong R&D capabilities and innovative spirit, but also allowing visitors to experience the exquisiteness of the products and professionalism of the services through the interactive experience area.
The exhibition information is as follows:

Exhibition Name: KOREA BUILD 2024

Exhibition date: July 31st-August 3rd, 2024

Booth number: A1322

Exhibition address: Seoul COEX

Invite partners to visit: Qingdao Udine Rubber Plastic Company sincerely invites partners and potential customers from all over the world to visit and communicate at the booth. The company will arrange a dedicated customer reception area at the exhibition site to provide guests with one-on-one service and discuss cooperation matters.
Looking to the future: Qingdao Udine has always been committed to the development of the sports field, adheres to customer demand-oriented, and continuously promotes technological innovation and service upgrades. The company expects that participating in this exhibition will open up the international market, enhance its brand influence, and find more business cooperation opportunities.
Qingdao Udine is full of expectations for the upcoming exhibition and hopes that through this display on the international stage, it can deepen its ties with global partners and jointly explore the infinite possibilities in the field of sports and fitness.
Contact: Dora Email: Tel: +18863963983
Conclusion: Qingdao Udine thanks all supporters for their trust and looks forward to meeting in Korea to create a better future together.
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