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Where Can You Lay Fake Grass? 10 Places To Lay An Artificial Lawn

Where Can You Lay Fake Grass? 10 Places To Lay An Artificial Lawn

Nov 22,2022
Artificial grass used to be the exclusive preserve of all-weather football fields and golf greens, but technology has evolved and fake grass now looks just like real grass. The synthetic fibers used in artificial grass are now stronger than ever, with a natural look and a soft, natural feel.

High-end artificial grass like UdineGrass also has technology to make sure it bounces back (like real grass does) after you leave something on for a long time and doesn't get hot on warm summer days.

If you're wondering if artificial grass is right for your space, whether it's in your home, commercial space, or public space, read on. We'll discuss all the different places our customers have laid fake grass, and where you can use it too.
Where Can You Lay Fake Grass?
Fake grass is extremely versatile, just look at all the possibilities:

Gardens and Landscapes Around Businesses:
Let's start with the most obvious place to put fake grass - in the garden! Artificial turf is becoming one of the most popular solutions for people who want a

low-maintenance garden but want to avoid removing all the greenery from their outdoor space. It's soft, requires no maintenance, and looks bright and 

green year-round. It is also ideal for use outside businesses, as it reduces maintenance costs by avoiding people stepping on the grass when making detours.
For Dog and Pet Spaces: 
This could be a garden or a commercial space, but it's worth noting the benefits of fake grass for pet spaces. Whether you're looking for a spot outside your 

home for your pet to potty, or you're considering grass for your local dog park, artificial grass is easy to keep clean (just wash it off) while still keeping paws 

Balconies and Rooftop Gardens: 
Creating a usable outside space can be difficult when you're tackling a balcony or roof garden, and you'll often find yourself with lots of pots (with dying 

plants in them) or leaving it as a cold, bare space. Adding real grass is simply not possible for most outdoor spaces (without careful preparation and the help 

of an architect), but fake grass can be simply installed, placed and enjoyed.
Schools & Play Areas: 
Schools and play areas were either covered with concrete, soft floors or dirt - as the heavy footsteps of children playing completely destroyed the grass. On 

the playground, children often come back covered in mud or grass stains. Artificial turf has it all—soft, hardwearing, and won't leave kids with mud or grass 

Stalls and Exhibition Stands:
In a showroom, every booth starts to look the same unless they do something different to stand out. One of the easiest things you can do to draw attention to your area is 

to lay artificial turf. With red, purple or gray floors in most showrooms, a bright green artificial turf will stand out, attracting the eye and drawing people to take a closer look 

at your product. When it comes to outdoor events, the UK weather has been known to turn pavements into seas of mud, and having a booth covered in artificial grass will 

prove to be a haven for those looking to browse in a clean space.
Sports Grounds:
So many sports depend on the weather, often for fear of disrupting the playing field for a future date. Artificial turf is the simple solution to avoiding the 

destruction of grass courts and to provide an alternative outdoor (or indoor) space to practice, play or modify the game - with artificial turf, nothing needs to 

stop playing. We offer 3G artificial turf for football pitches and other artificial turf options for tennis and cricket pitches, so if you're looking for a solution 

don't hesitate to get in touch - we'll be happy to help.
Retail Stores & Office Spaces:
Running an outdoor retail space or office? Retail and office floors are almost always dark gray and boring variants, and it can be hard to imagine yourself 

having fun outdoors when you're in a... well, bland space. A cover of artificial grass will help brighten up your space and give it a lighthearted feel.
Artificial turf is a practical option for any public area. Parks in densely populated areas often have dappled grass areas where people can carve their own 

paths, stand with friends, or sit outside on warm days. They also require expensive maintenance, especially in summer. Artificial turf is ideal for public spaces 

that are frequently walked, do not have a full-time caretaker, or have flower beds and other plants as focal points.
Caravan Parks: 
Caravan parks get a lot of traffic in the warmer months, which can make some areas seem drab and untidy. Laying artificial turf in the most frequently used 

areas can make your park look organized and beautiful, no matter how many guests you have.
Swimming Pool Surrounds: 
Grass around pools usually doesn't grow very well due to constant splashes of (relatively) harsh chemicals that are safe for us but not very good for grass. 

The artificial grass will stay green and lush, and soft enough to lay by the pool and bask in the sun on the warmest of days.
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