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Can Artificial Turf Help Improve Your Mental Health?

Can Artificial Turf Help Improve Your Mental Health?

Sep 20,2022
When we think about mental health, we often think of the worst of times. We imagine what it's like to be in the deepest depressions, in the fog of panic attacks or crashes. However, working to manage and improve your mental health doesn't just apply when you're already feeling down and depressed.

You may have noticed that when you start to feel low, you start to let things in your life slide. What you once handled with ease suddenly seems like an almost impossible task. You know it's not that hard -- after all, you did all of these tasks without thinking last week -- but it doesn't change how you feel today.

The key to improving and maintaining your mental health isn't about forcing yourself to do things you don't want to do; it's about showing your compassion and making your life easier. Many times our outer world begins to mirror our inner world and vice versa. When our mental health declines, our homes tend to become cluttered. To make matters worse, studies have found that clutter can negatively impact our mental health, so it can turn into a vicious cycle.

We've seen time and time again how easy people's lives become when they install artificial turf in their gardens. Today, we'll explore how it can help and help you decide if installing artificial turf is right for your next step.
How can artificial turf help improve your mental health?
Take the stress out of your to-do list
We often imagine gardening as a peaceful activity, longing to have time to do it, imagining ourselves on a warm, sunny day with our hands in the dirt, or peacefully walking behind or riding a lawnmower. However, as you may have discovered, that picture of gardening usually only blooms once or twice a year.

Throughout the year, we get wet and windy days, and the weather is usually cold enough to stop us from doing a lot of things outside, and we're basically stuck there.

If you don't want to go out in bad weather, or would rather do something else when the weather is nice, you'll quickly find that your garden looks out of control and your neighbors are looking sideways. Installing artificial turf can eliminate "organizing the garden" and "mowing the lawn" from your to-do list.
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Take time to do what you love
With artificial turf, you will have more free time. You are free to spend time doing what you love, which will help keep your spirits up. A better balance between work, housework and family life is a great way to promote better mental health.
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Artificial turf always looks bright
It's not just lack of maintenance that brings a sense of calm: Green is often associated with rejuvenation, peace and security. When we look out the window at the garden, we want to feel calm, peaceful and happy; free from stress and depression! Whenever you look out the window or step outside, the classic bright summer green artificial grass will help you feel relaxed.
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No physical stress
If you suffer from any joint or ongoing health issues, installing artificial grass is a great way to make sure you never feel like things are getting away from you when you don't have the ability to maintain your garden.
Use your garden when the weather is nice
When you have a real lawn, sometimes you want to go to the garden, but don't do it because the lawn is wet and muddy. Artificial turf can be used year-round because you won't end up with slippery, muddy puddles.
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Reduce clutter in the house
If you walk across the lawn or have pets a lot, you will inevitably leave muddy paw or footprints in your home. When you switch to artificial grass, you'll have far less mess and dirt in your house all winter long.
You will be more inclined to spend time with your pet
The absence of dirt makes you more likely to spend some extra time each day with your four-legged friends, or playing with toys outside, or cuddling inside. Who doesn't feel at peace after spending time with pets? Animals are used for emotional support and therapeutic assistance for a reason, so make the most of your furry family member.
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More event space
Artificial turf means you don't have to do extensive planning before doing activities in your garden. The child is here? Lay out their toys or start filling up the pool - the lawn won't even lose its color if you leave them out for a few weeks at a time. pet sitting? There is plenty of space for dogs and cats to play together in the garden. Suddenly want to sit outside in the sun and read a good book? Grab your blanket or garden chair and get out - the lawn is always ready for you.
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Is artificial turf right for me?
Now that you know why artificial turf can benefit your mental health, you may be wondering if installing artificial turf is right for you. Ask yourself the following questions and you may get a clear answer:
Will looking at my current lawn bring me joy?
Artificial turf doesn't easily wilt or burn in the sun, and it won't bog down if it rains heavily. They require almost no work and guarantee that you will have more time to relax instead of raking, weeding and watering your garden.
Do I struggle with puddles and mud?
With mudless artificial grass, you don't have to worry about puddles and dampness, which often lead to rot and bad smells. This will make your garden even more attractive when you have friends and family over!
Do I have any concerns about maintaining my garden in the future?
It may be cheaper to install real grass at first, however, artificial grass should last 20+ years. This long life means long-term savings, but you also don't need to worry about paying for garden tools, pesticides or lawn mowers. It's always worth taking these secondary savings into account when looking at the price of your garden.
Do I get stressed when the garden gets out of control?
If you find yourself starting to feel stressed when you don't have time to maintain your garden. Do you worry about what your neighbors think or feel sick every time you look out the window? We often think these feelings are negligible, because in reality, it doesn't matter if the garden is overgrown. However, it can have an impact on our mental health.
Do I want to use my lawn year round?
If you have pets or a trail that crosses your lawn, you may find it turns into a muddy patch after a period of wet weather. In summer, if your lawn has a shady spot, it may grow more slowly than the rest of the lawn. In winter, it can stay wet or even freeze, so artificial turf could be a good solution to all of these problems.
Is there anything I would rather do than lawn maintenance?
If you've ever watched the "Best of British Lawn" awards, you know that some people like to look after their perfect lawn. They fertilized it, aerated it, and pruned it three times a week in the summer. They don't replace their lawns because it's a pleasure for them, but for most of us, that's not the case!
Do I use my garden a lot to entertain or play with the dog?
Artificial grass can handle heavy foot traffic, which is helpful if you tend to have family around or play with more than a few pairs of paws each weekend.
Do I feel depressed often?
Sometimes mental health drops suddenly, like a cold. However, if you know you're often going through difficult times, perhaps due to physical health issues or seasonal changes, making your life easier in areas like garden maintenance can ease the stress of those times and bring you grace.
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