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How to make artificial grass last longer?

How to make artificial grass last longer?

Aug 9,2022
Artificial grass is an excellent investment in your property, and artificial turf will bring many benefits to your garden.
But to get the most from your investment, it's important to make sure your fake grass will last long into the future.
When properly maintained and used properly, a quality artificial grass can last 15 to 20 years, even with frequent use.
By far the best way to make sure your artificial turf has the longest possible lifespan is to make sure it's installed correctly in the first place.
Assuming you choose a high-quality artificial grass, you will find that some of the problems that may arise after a few years are not due to the artificial grass itself, but to the installation.
So you should make sure you choose a good installer from the start, or, if you go the DIY route, make sure you understand the installation process before trying to lay artificial turf.
For more information on how to properly install artificial grass, visit this page on our website or view the handy infographic here.
However, in addition to proper installation, there are certain aftermarket best practices that should be followed to prevent damage to your fake lawn.
In this article, we'll explain five ways to extend the life of artificial turf in more detail.
1. Regular maintenance of artificial turf
The most important way to ensure that your newly laid artificial grass will look its best in the future is to keep it properly maintained.
Some artificial grass manufacturers and installers claim that artificial grass is "completely maintenance-free."
Although we can do this, it will last longer with a little maintenance.
Don't worry, however, as maintaining artificial turf takes only a fraction of the time it takes to maintain a real lawn.
Gone are the days of trudging through the garden to cut grass.
Artificial grass requires only a few minor but essential maintenance tasks. How often to do it depends entirely on local conditions and levels of use.
For example, the lawn in the back garden is surrounded by trees, is heavily used by children and pets, and requires more maintenance than the front garden.
Remove leaves and debris
Leaves and other garden debris inevitably get into your artificial turf.
This is of course nothing to worry about as it will not damage or discolour your fake grass in any way.
However, regular debris removal is recommended, as leaves and other dead matter can cause weeds to grow on the artificial turf surface.
Debris can be removed with a broom, plastic rake or leaf blower/vacuum.
If any airborne seeds land on your lawn and grow into weeds, these can be easily removed by hand.
Weeds cannot grow through your synthetic grass as long as a weed film is installed under your false lawn.
garden artificial grass
Keep it clean
When it comes to keeping artificial turf clean, usually nature does a good job for you when it rains.
However, occasional flushing may be necessary during prolonged periods of low rainfall.
There are also a range of professional artificial turf cleaning products available for your fake lawn, and while these aren't strictly necessary, you may find them useful, especially if your artificial turf is heavily used.
If you're wondering, yes, the vast majority of stains can be removed, but read on as we'll get to that later in this article.
Brush your lawn regularly
To ensure that the plastic fibers of artificial turf remain in top condition, it is important to brush the artificial turf once in a while with a stiff broom.
If you look closely, you'll see that the fibers on artificial turf are all tilted slightly in one direction.
This is completely normal and we recommend that you brush along or in the direction of the fibers. This will lift and revitalize the fibers.
For larger artificial turf or one in particularly poor condition, you may want to consider renting a mechanical brush.
For most fake lawns, however, a stiff broom will suffice, but you should make sure not to use any brushes with metal bristles as they can damage synthetic fibers.
2. Move placed furniture on the lawn to ensure even wear
Artificial grass is perfect for a variety of activities, including sports, garden parties or just relaxing in the sun with a glass of wine.
To prolong the life of your artificial turf, it is important to ensure that your UDINE TURF wears evenly.
Football aficionados will love playing football on their artificial turf because they will feel like they are playing on the manicured turf of Wembley Stadium. Because of this, using artificial turf for sports is a very popular feature.
garden artificial grass
You need to remember that the goal is a high impact area, so the artificial grass in this area will wear out faster than the rest.
Therefore, it is important to ensure that the football goal is moved regularly to ensure even wear.
The same goes for any garden furniture, such as deck chairs.
It is normal for the fibers to lay flat after placing a heavy weight on them. However, they can be brushed back into an upright position with a stiff broom.
If your lawn will have garden furniture items or heavy foot traffic, we highly recommend choosing an artificial lawn with instant recovery technology.
This means that your artificial grass is made using nylon fibers (the strongest type of synthetic fiber used in artificial grass manufacturing) and is specifically designed to withstand the heavy loads and frequent use of garden furniture.
3. Remove stains in time
The best way to treat stains on artificial turf is to treat them as soon as they appear. This gives you the best chance of avoiding permanent staining.
Some of the most common causes of staining are:
● Ketchup
● Tea and coffee
● Red wine
● Carbonated drinks
● Ice cream
● Painting

Fortunately, these types of stains are easy to deal with.
Again, be sure to handle overflows as soon as they occur.
Excess liquid can be blotted with a kitchen towel, clean cloth, or dry absorbent such as cat litter, which can then be vacuumed off the artificial turf.
If the stain has dried or hardened, you can use a plastic scraper or knife to remove it. Never use any metal objects as this will damage the plastic fibers.
When dealing with any of the above stains, household cleaners such as dishwashing liquid will be more than enough and should be applied with a clean cloth.
Oil-based stains, such as sunscreen, cooking oil, chewing gum or nail polish, should be treated with a clean cloth dampened in a small amount of mineral spirits and then wiped over the affected area.
Be very careful with alcohol (white wine), be sure to use it with caution.
4. Avoid contact with high temperature
When choosing artificial grass, it is always important to choose one that is fire resistant.
However, just because artificial grass is fire-resistant, doesn't mean that fire or hot objects won't harm your artificial grass.
If the refractory artificial grass is heated it will not catch fire, but the heat will melt the synthetic fibers.
If this happens to your artificial turf, it will cause permanent damage. This damage can be repaired, but it's best to avoid it in the first place.
While there are many things that can cause artificial grass to melt, there are three main culprits in the garden environment:
Bigarette burns
Cigarettes should not be smoked on artificial turf. Burning tobacco and ashes fall from the cigarette, which then melts the fibers.
Barbecue ( BBQs )
Barbecues should be kept away from artificial grass.
We recommend that they should be kept at least 10 feet away from your artificial turf because accidents can happen and the last thing you want is a barbecue getting knocked over and hot coals landing on your artificial turf causing permanent damage.
The best place to grill is on a patio or other fire retardant surface.
Window reflection
With good quality artificial grass, there is little chance of fading over the years.
However, when artificial grass is exposed to sunlight reflected from windows and other shiny objects, it can cause the color of the artificial grass to fade quickly, and at worst, the magnification effect can also melt plastic fibers.
To prevent this from happening, make sure that shiny garden objects don't reflect any sunlight onto the artificial turf.
This should be done by carefully planning your garden layout to ensure reflections are not projected onto your false lawn at any time during the day.
5. Apply sand filler
garden artificial grass
We recommend sand fillers on all of our artificial grass products.
You may have heard of some fake grasses that claim to be "non-sand filled" products.
However, there are many reasons why you should install silica sand infill on artificial turf; those who advise you not to bother are usually just to save on installation costs.
For the purposes of this article, the take-home message is that filling your fake grass with sand will ensure that your artificial turf not only performs better, but looks better.

Here are some of the many reasons why you should install silica sand infill on fake grass:

● It will protect the fibers and ensure they stay upright
● It will prevent ripples
● Will increase fire resistance
● It will improve drainage
● It will keep your lawn cool
● It will increase security
● It will protect the latex back
● This will help prevent static electricity
We've explored the pros and cons and answered many of the questions people have about sand filling in our last article, so if you have any questions about it, you can always contact us and we'll give you a perfect solution.
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