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Your balcony can also have a lawn!

Your balcony can also have a lawn!

Jun 28,2022
It is difficult to distinguish a false grass from a real lawn with the naked eye. But even if you don't have a garden, you can have green lawns. Laying artificial lawn on balcony or terrace is fast and simple! To equip the terrace or balcony with artificial lawn, artificial lawn is the only choice. It can be permanently laid on all smooth surfaces without any problems. The built-in drainage system allows the water to flow away, so that there will be no waterlogging when it rains. The lawn can be left on the balcony or terrace in summer and winter, and the Frost temperature will not affect it. The false grass device creates a pleasant surface on which you can walk comfortably barefoot and bring a warm appearance to the balcony or terrace. Modern artificial turf can hardly be visually distinguished from natural turf.
Preparation of lawn Foundation
landscaping artificial grass

It is important to have a smooth surface to lay the false grass landscape. The terrace or balcony has been completely cleaned and the floor is flat. The unevenness must be removed, otherwise the artificial turf will be torn or there will be a dangerous tripping hazard. Whether the floor is made of concrete, tiles or stone. Because the modern type of artificial grass has good drainage performance, there is no need to prepare for installation on the terrace or balcony. Just make the measurement. A tape measure is used to determine the length and width of a balcony or terrace so that you know how many lawns you need. The following points are required for laying artificial turf:

 Sufficient amount of artificial grass


 Sharp knife or box cutter

 Artificial turf glue

▶ Fastening anchors if necessary

How much does it cost to install fake grass?
Many different versions of the cheapest way to lay artificial turf can be found in hardware stores, garden stores, artificial turf installation companies or on the Internet. It is available in rolls of different widths. For smaller areas, the roll should not be too wide. As the types of artificial turf vary in color, it is best to buy the turf you want on site. This makes it easier to choose the right color. In Europe, the price of artificial turf per square foot has been as low as 15 euros, but the price of artificial turf is also 50 euros or more per square foot. If you want to enjoy your new lawn for a long time, you should dig your pocket deeper and buy a high-quality lawn carpet with good drainage performance. On the other hand, you need to choose a reliable company, such as Udine grass, which has been exporting large-scale products to the United States, Britain, Canada, Afghanistan, Algeria, Nigeria, France and many other countries.
Select the correct false grass installation on the concrete
Fake grass installation
For the selected lawn roll, the next step in how to install artificial grass on the concrete is to lay artificial grass. The floor should be as dry as possible because it is easier to lay by hand without forming wet spots. At one end of the terrace or balcony, start dividing the lawn into several strips. A carpet knife can cut the lawn well. Finally, the lawn is fixed to the ground with special anchors so that it will not slide when walking or playing. In order to straighten the stems, the lawn carpet can be swept away with a hard broom. Once the glue dries (usually less than an hour), the garden furniture can be repositioned. The following steps are necessary to install artificial grass on the soil in a professional manner:
Step 1 ▷ empty the balcony, floor or balcony.
Step 2 ▷ level and dry the floor.
Step 3 ▷ spread the false grass and cut it to the required length.
Step 4 ▷ fix the joint with false grass glue.
Step 5 ▷ sweep the surface.
Step 6 ▷ if necessary, attach the fastening anchors.
Maintenance of fake grass
Unlike real grasses, the area does not require pruning or weeding. No pouring is required. As you can guess, all these factors will affect the cost of fake grass. Vacuum the lawn regularly to make it look beautiful. You can remove rough dirt with a broom or leaf rake. Dog leftovers can be removed with warm water and a brush. You should always check whether there is water under the lawn. Otherwise, especially if the balcony or terrace is located on the weather side, there is a risk of moisture causing mold formation, which will not only damage the lawn carpet, but also damage the underground. With proper care, you can enjoy the lawn on the balcony with the most economical installation fee of fake grass, or enjoy the lawn for up to 15 years on the lawn.
Why should you choose Udine garss?
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