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What's the material of our artificial grass? Are they safe?

What's the material of our artificial grass? Are they safe?

Update Time:2022/8/29
Is artificial turf safe for your children and pets?
Whether you're a parent or a pet owner, safety is almost always a top priority. At UDINE TURF, we value your safety and the safety of those around you. After all, our mission is to provide the best landscaping solutions, which is impossible without considering safety precautions!

The first thing most people ask themselves when they see artificial turf is… "Is artificial turf safe for my children and pets?"

The simple answer is yes. However, many people wonder how safe it is. To understand this, we first need to take a deep dive into the composition of artificial turf.
What is artificial grass made of?
artificial grass yarm
Most artificial turf is made of polyethylene. It is a plastic used to make children's toys, grocery bags and most commonly plastic household products. Polypropylene is also in the mix. This is usually used for plastic utensils and microwave containers. Nylon is also used for heat resistance.
Are the typical constituent materials of artificial grass dangerous?

Artificial grass is made from the same type of plastic as regular household products. We are exposed to these materials on a daily basis and have not been shown to have harmful effects. If you think about it, turf is really just plastic. Not having the extra harmful ingredients used to make it puts your safety at risk.
What is artificial turf made of?
Artificial turf consists of three main parts:

1. Backing material for supporting individual blades of artificial grass
2. The plastic blade itself.
3. The filler, those tiny black chips, help support the blade. ".
What makes them harmful?
In his article for the Washington Post, Shalat noted, "Various pigments are used to provide the green color of the blade. These can include lead or titanium for the white line, as well as other metals for on-field school logos.

Those little black crumbs were the problem. Tires can be toxic. "

At UDINE TURF, we professionally test all our products to ensure they are 100% lead and latex free. All the test certificates on our website can also prove this. That's why even if customers choose not to buy from us, we always tell them to make sure anyone they buy has done the proper testing to ensure they're buying a safe turf product.
Is artificial turf safe for children?
artificial grass for children
Of course! Rubber crumbs made from ground recycled tires are the main culprit in making artificial grass unsafe. These properties have given artificial grass notoriety. Good news: padding is optional. In addition, it has natural alternatives such as crushed stone, 100% EPDM granules. Recently, turf manufacturers have generally stopped using artificial turf with toxic lead content. We will discuss these in more depth in later paragraphs.

Now it is important that you know that artificial grass blades are generally safe for your children. You can definitely use artificial turf at home without rubber chips endangering your life. However, there are some low-quality lawn grasses out there. We don't know what they're made of, and we can't vouch for them. If you want to keep your kids safe, choose a manufacturer that prides itself on being non-toxic and lead-free. If you're not sure, you can always ask them for a test certificate!

Fortunately, some brands go beyond the general rules. By providing non-toxic, lead-free, non-toxic artificial grass, UDINE TURF keeps not only your children and pets safe, but you too. We employ an unbiased professional testing company to conduct a variety of tests on our turf, including lead, UV, permeability, and more, to ensure our customers know they're getting the best product possible. Complete transparency is key, which is why you can find all our test certificates on our website. At UDINE TURF, we stand behind our products, that's why we offer free samples with a full 5 year warranty.
Is artificial turf safe for pets?
pet turf
Our furry isn't all that different from our babies, is it? They are both whiny poo machines that are constantly craving food and attention. But we all love them equally. If we could give them everything, we would. We wonder if an investment as big as artificial turf won't do them any harm. Hopefully they can benefit from it as much as we do.

A key issue when it comes to lawn pet safety is lead. With so many options to choose from these days, many customers fall into the trap of choosing cheap turf suppliers and shady materials. Some turf suppliers use hazardous materials in their turf to keep prices low, which can be scary for your pet's safety.
Does artificial turf cause cancer?
Research shows there is no conclusive evidence linking fake grass to cancer. However, there is a correlation between tire rubber debris and cancer risk. That's why we never recommend using rubber infill on artificial turf. Natural fillers such as sand and stone are not only more aesthetically pleasing, but also safer.
Are there synthetic grasses on the market that are completely safe for you and your family?
backyard artificial grass
Why yes, of course! You can remove the shredded rubber filler. You can forgo unnecessary risks. Use natural 100% EPDM particles!
What is the best artificial grass for kids and pets?
UDINE TURF offers non-toxic and lead-free products! Plus, it's also eco-friendly! We do not provide rubber crumbs as filler; we use sand and stones, which are both natural and already in the environment! If you are interested in our fillers, please feel free to request a sample! You can sleep at night knowing all is well with your family and pets!
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