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FAQ About Customization
  • How many accessories do we need to install artificial grass
    What you need for artificial grass installation. How many silica sand and rubber granules do we need for synthetic lawn.
    2020/9/17 16:30:27
  • Reason of chromatic aberration in artificial turf production
    Reason of chromatic aberration in artificial turf production
    2020/2/20 17:22:06
  • how much does artificial grass cost
    Artificial grass comes with a big upfront cost, But once it’s down, it’s free for the next 15 to 25 years. Because it can save water, easy to maintain. You do not have to fertilize and cut it. It may be a better choice if you are tired of summer high water bills and maintaining real grass.
    2020/1/16 11:54:22
  • Why use artificial lawn?
    Artificial Grass/Lawns is a great ever lasting, never fading look for indoors and outdoors. Not only saving you money and time, but with our easy installation, you help the environment by saving massive amounts of water, not to mention all year round green lawns.
    2019/11/19 14:16:29
  • What is the best thickness for artificial grass?
    It depends on the purpose and different people have different feelings, we can send samples to you, then you can touch it and feel it which one you prefer.
    2019/11/14 15:26:22
  • how to get rid of weeds from artificial grass
    If your garden wasn’t excavated thoroughly enough or your sub-base is contaminated, you may find that weeds can grow through drainage holes. You can invest in a quality weed barrier to try and prevent them coming through.
    2019/11/14 15:17:35
  • How to remove stubborn stains from artificial grass
    We’ve all been there — you’ve spilt tea, wine or ketchup — but how do you clean artificial grass? We’re here to help!
    2019/11/14 15:11:28
  • How to clean artificial grass
    Contrary to popular belief, you won’t have to clean your artificial grass every day. However, we do recommend that you hose the lawn down once a week or once every other week to keep it looking its best.
    2019/11/14 15:08:46
  • How about the MOQ?
    In general, the minimum order quantity for artificial grass is 1000 sqm, If it is less than 1000 sqm, you can contact our sales staff first.
    2019/11/14 14:58:14
  • Can we get a sample for reference?
    Free artificial grass sample is available for you, send us your delivery contact detail, then we can send out the free sample to you asap.
    2019/11/14 14:37:50
  • Will artificial grass fade?
    All products are UV resistant and have undergone extensive testing to ensure that the color does not fade over time, which is all covered by 8-year warranty.
    2019/11/12 10:02:39
  • What's the material of our artificial grass? Are they safe?
    Lead free. Heavy metal free. No substances of very high concern.
    2019/11/12 9:57:13
  • What is the synthetic turf advantages?
    Artificial grass has become more and more popular especially in areas where water is in short and natural grass is difficult to grow. Artificial grass has developed wide applications including residential, commercial, DIT, pets, golf, city landscape,etc.
    2019/11/11 17:14:57
  • How to install artificial grass
    UDINE supply not only products, but also a full range of solutions. We offer professional installation and maintenance guide services and equipment according to customer's needs.
    2019/11/11 16:57:20

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