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Fire Protections System

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Fire Protections System

Fire Protections System
Airport and Subway Fire Protections System
Fire Welded Pipe, Grooved Fittings, Flexible/ Rigid Coupling, Fire Sprinklers, Flow Switch.
500 Tons

Product Description

Fire pipes and fittings are normally composed of carbon steel or ductile iron and are used to transmit water or another liquid from one piece of firefighting equipment to another. It is also referred to as fire fighting pipe.

Fire pipes usually uses grooved connections, which are easier to handle than welding. Fire pipes must be painted red or covered with a red anti-corrosion epoxy coating in order to be distinguished from other pipeline systems, according to the applicable laws and standards.

Fire pipes demand a high level of quality control because they are often put in a static position. Baolai Fortune provide high quality fire pipe and fittings for all over the world buildings.

Our Production Process

Produce according to the drawings and requirements provided by customers.

The seamless steel pipe or ERW steel pipe is produced and inspected, the steel pipe is grooved, sprayed with red paint or epoxy coating, packaged, and finally shipped to the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

01-What are the advantages of grooved systems? Are there other ways to connect?

The groove system significantly reduces installation cost and time while providing a safer workplace as it does not require welding. This enables installation companies to do more work in less time. Grooved piping systems are easy to assemble and also make service and maintenance fairly easy.

We also provide plain ends, beveled ends, threaded ends, flange welded according to customer requested.

02-Do you offer other fire accessories?

We are a professional fire protection system manufacturer with both UL and FM certification, and can provide all the pipes and accessories in the fire protection system.

03-Why do fire pipes choose red epoxy coating? what's the effect?

The red coating is beneficial to distinguish it from other steel pipes, and at the same time fire pipe that with internal and external epoxy coating, is using the modified heavy epoxy powder, which has good chemical corrosive resistance. In this way to solve the problems like surface rusty, corrosive, internal scaling and etc, and to prevent from blocking, prominently increasing the durability of the fire sprinkler pipe.

On the other hand, flame proof material has been added in the coatings, to make fire pipe heat resistance better than other types of pipe. So even the working temperature is increasing rapidly it will not affect the performance of the fire pipe.

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